Corporate Profile

Company Profile

Founded in July 1999, TTMC is the first Site Management Organization (SMO) in Taiwan. Our first site was established in June, 2001, and was later joined by Chi Mei Foundation Hospital (CMFH) in Year 2004, Cheng Ching Hospital (CCGH), and Chi Mei Foundation Hospital, Liouying (CMFHLY), National Cheng Kung University Hospital (NCKUH) and Kuang Tien General Hospital (KTGH) in 2006.The infrastructure for clinical trials within the hospitals was set up through the improvement of the IRB function, the training and education of all related personnel, the establishment of the internal processes of all involved units, and the implementation of associated policies. 


Our History 


1999 ~ present

- Organize and Invited Speech at various training and education programs in Taiwan;
- Provide continuing training programs for clinical trials professionals in Taiwan;
Organize and lecture elective courses in undergraduate and graduate programs about clinical trials.


Sho Ho Hospital , Center for Clinical Trials ( SHH CCT ) joined the network


Taipei Medical University Hospital , Center for clinical Trials ( TMUH CCT ) joined the network


Granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the project “Preferred SMO Networking in Asia


Kuang Tien General Hospital, Center for Clinical Trials (KTGH CCT) joined the network 


National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Center for Clinical Trials (NCKUH CCT) joined the network


Invited speech “Gain Insights from an Effective Patient Recruitment and Retention Exercise in Taiwan” at Clinical Trials Symposium in Thailand.


Chi Mei Foundation Hospital, Liouying, Center for Clinical Trials (CMFHLY CCT) joined the network


Cheng Ching Hospital, Center for Clinical Trials (CCGH CCT) joined the network


Invited speech “Site Management of Clinical Trials in Taiwan“ at Drug Discovery to Clinical Trials conference in Mumbai, India held by IBC’s International Conference and Exhibition  


Successfully introduce the concept of SMO into the Center of Excellence project 


Introduce the concept of site management at the 2004 Taiwan Biotechnology Industry Strategic Review Board (SRB) meeting 


Chi Mei Foundation Hospital, Center for Clinical Trials (CMFH CCT) joined the network 


Invited speech at 2nd Taiwan-America Biotech Conference (TABC), “How to attract industry-sponsored clinical trials to medical centers in Taiwan” 


Initiate the central recruitment campaign for a global pharmaceutical company-sponsored Phase IIIa (for FDA submission) trail in Taiwan (4 sites) and achieve top recruiter by country and by site


TTMC’s CCT passed the DOH inspection for its first registration trial without major findings


Granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the project “To build up the infrastructure for conducting the global clinical trails of bio-pharmaceutical products”


First site: CCH CCT established


TTMC was founded


SMO Services
  • Delegated staffs for professional feasibility study in multiple sites
  • Site and PI recommendation
  • Consultation for site/investigator selection
  • Database Survey
  • PI interview
  • Trustworthy feasibility report
Site Coordination
  • Provide/Organize training & education programs for site staff
  • Establish and coordinate investigator team
  • Establish infra-structure for trials in hospitals
  • One-stop service for internal & external parties in a site
  • One-stop service for multiple sites within the network
Trial Conducting
  • Provide dedicated, full-time and experienced Clinical Research Coordinators on-site
  • Assist in visits and meetings arrangement & FU
  • Assist in accelerating the processof IRB if possible
  • Set up central recruitment campaign for trials
  • Assist in the preparation and conduct of monitoring, audit and inspection
A good SMO would benefit


  • Investigators and Sites need assistance
  • Well-established infra-structure & well-trained, dedicated staff are essential for quality trial conduct and performance
  • Good performance bring income and reputation to sites


  • Efficient and accurate feasibility response
  • Efficient contract process for multiple sites
  • Efficient pre-study preparation
  • Efficient subject recruitment
  • Good compliance and high quality of conduct
  • High retention rate for trial subjects
  • Efficient query resolution


  • In good hands
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, professional care